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Lord you inspire me to write each day
About the wonderful love in you I see
You bring my heart to constantly think
Of its blessing which I will always need

Its beautiful pure essence my eyes see daily
As I gaze at creation when the sun does rise
Finds my soul moved with very deep affection
For the dear love whose radiance fills my eyes

I am proud to let my heart speak the words
Which your Spirit has inspired me to write
About how deeply I feel for your awesome love
As its blessing of grace nourishes my life

You inspire me to share endearing messages
Of this magnificent love I am blessed to know
Bringing to life a blissful stirring of emotions
Which my heart and spirit shall never let go.

Wendell A. Brown,
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No Need To Reason Why


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As Autumn arrives once again
Along with him he will also bring
Lovely beautifully painted days
Where our love may always sing

For once again when flowers die
To give way to changing seasons
We find we still love each other
Knowing we need no special reason

For love has found a home with us
Like the way clouds live with the sky
We were always born to love the other
Without ever needing a real reason why

As the Autumn season embraces us tenderly
We anxiously await the colors he brings
A time filled with many magical colors
Sharing the moments where our love sings.

Wendell A. Brown,
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A Light


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hanging lanterns

Let my heart sing soft
Praises to You for the
Love brought alive
Within me each new day

Let my mind dance in
The heavenly bliss which
In my world You have
Caused to stay

Let my lips speak only
To lift and glorify the
Wonderful things you have
Done for me

Let me be a radiant light
To others as you have been
The truest light in life
To me.

Wendell A. Brown

Poem inspired by a photo
From my sister, blogger,
Holly Hunter. Her blog
shares inspiring messages
poems and photos.

The Moon’s Blessing Of Love


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The moon dressed himself very perfectly
Within the dark crystal blue of the sky
He found the moment to be so refreshing
As soft tears begin to fall from his eyes

They were not the ones coming from sadness
But those of genuine joy that he came to feel
Because his spirit felt something beautiful
As the embracing moment became so surreal

A heavenly rhapsody this night was heard
Which reminded him of a truly special love
The one which fills all of us so deeply
From his loving Creator who dwells up above

Even though he could not find another like
Himself to share this tender moment of bliss
He began to understand his truest blessing
For he would never be without his Gods kiss.

A beautiful painting by Marina Kanavaki
a sister blogger inspired this poem today.

Wendell A. Brown,
‘On A Full Moon’
Painting Image Credit,

A Lasting Beauty


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Your face has been graced
Radiantly with a glowing smile
Your eyes with the brilliance
Of a newly born sun

Your lips were made to taste
Of natures sweetest honey
Your breathtaking beauty
To be second to none

The touch of your hands
Which now embrace me
Along with your selfless
Heart so genuinely warm

Are embraced by a personality
Whose glow rivals bright stars
Full of priceless jewels and
Many lasting charms

A painter would truly do
An injustice to your beauty
For his eyes would be too
Blind to view

A sculptor would be no more
Than a petty thief for his
Hands could not capture the
Priceless vision he sees in

Yet I in a poem of sweet
Adoring praise will bestow
Upon your enchanting beauty
True immortality

As my words give your smile
Such a sweet lasting life
With descriptive words whose
Spirit will be heavenly

Their meaning shall make
Your heart shine brightly
While you drink of a true
Loves immortal bliss

And your heart will always
Shine ardently as it frames
The endearing memory of a
Sweet kiss.

His Treasured Love


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The sweet bliss my mind daily feels
The way my heart is made to sway
The times my face is made to smile
Each moment takes my breath away

The many minutes we spent together
Which our spirits share each day
Strengthens the love within my heart
Bringing delightful times to stay

Please cradle me softly in Your hands
Take the deep pain in my bones away
Remind me no matter what happens in life
I will share Your tender embrace always

Lord, to me You are my eternal treasure
Whose hands lovingly created me
Fashioning me in Your spirits image
So when I pray each day Your love I see.

Wendell A. Brown,
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My One True Love


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My heart does deeply long for you
When it finds you are not close by
I search the world around me
And even heavenly skies so high

For moments with your loving touch
That often you place deep inside
Can make lonely times pass by quickly
Making a once lonely heart to come alive

For some may think I am very weak
As I seek fervently your love each day
But to me your love is so very precious
A true treasure I always want to stay

For without its sweet loving essence
And the rich joy it brings to live inside
The moments I find would be so empty
If my ONE true love is not by my side.

Wendell A. Brown.
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A Genuine Friend


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There is a love which lives deep within
A genuine one which will never go away
No matter how one might try to release it
In our hearts and minds we find it stays

Whenever one touches our inner being
While bringing their pleasant peace inside
We find ourselves to become comfortable
As we begin to embrace them in our lives

They may become genuine friends that care
They become like sisters and brothers too
They brighten our lives each time we speak
Changing grey skies to ones of crystal blue

The hearts of these special ones we care for
Are so genuine and selfless in every way
They are in our lives for special reasons
Even making sunny our cloudy and rainy days

Whether you are a dear sister or brother
Or the truest friend one in life may find
You are a treasure to those who love you
Because of the selfless heart they did find.

Wendell A. Brown,
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I felt the love
That is a part
Of You, as it
Became a deep
Part of my heart

I never could
Have imagine
That such strong
Emotions this day
Would start

I felt the joy
Which comes one’s
Way, when the deep
Spiritual ascent

And the happiness that
Entered into my world
This day was a treasured
Piece of heaven.

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,

The Blessing Of You


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A wonderful miracle embraced my life
When you came my way that special day
I received the blessing of your smile
Realizing quickly I wanted it to stay

Who would have ever chanced to think
Their heart and mind might be swept away
Without a single word spoken from your lips
Only with a look bidding breath to fade

My heart was embezzled by your brown eyes
With a sheer radiance that would hypnotize
And within them I caught a glimpse of hope
You might find a reason to stay in my life

Tomorrow will I see you come my way again
Might our paths cross some marvelous way
Will my new found hope give birth to a joy
Finding the loneliness in my world to fade

For I long for the chance to softly embrace
Many more moments like the ones found today
And to my God in heaven I prayed from my heart
To continue the blessing of you he sent my way.

Wendell A.Brown
April 1977,
Google Image Credit,


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