His Calling


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You have called me
Out from among
The foolish…

You have lifted me
Out from among
The living dead

You have redeemed me
From the hell which
Imprisoned me….

Freeing me from death
When on the cross You

You gathered me close
To You my Lord, like
A chick by its mother

And instilled in me
A very deep belief
That on Your love
I can always depend.

Wendell A. Brown,
December 1976
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Yes My Son, But I Forgive You Today


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It was truly more than a chance meeting,
It was something that needed not to be.
But today I heard a voice call out to me,
When through my tears I could not see.

I had truly become a total embarrassment,
Not a single promise could I really keep.
And while the guilt of sin embraced me,
I found this night I could no longer sleep

I was blinded by sin’s running essence,
With my faith now as low as it could be.
I was drowning in my continued sadness,
Wanting this hopeless feeling to fade away.

If I could only lift myself from the ground,
And by my own strength again stand tall.
But my own selfishness made me powerless,
No longer having any hope in my life at all.

I could not even see a step in front of me,
And the pressure inside was very crushing.
A dread feeling I now felt embracing me,
While away from me my life seem to be rushing.

My once strong heart seemed about to topple,
But would I now finally turn answering the call?
As I heard the voice once again call my name,
Saying come to me and you’ll no longer fall.

Still at that moment I felt very worthless,
As I turned toward where the voice came from.
And in a down pour of my souls crushing guilt,
By His mercy and grace was my salvation won.

I wondered why You Lord never gave up on me,
Why from me You had never turned away,
For many times I turned away from your call,
Not deserving your great mercy in any way.

My Lord I am not worthy to come to You today
As I am an embarrassment in much every way.
And as I spoke I felt his arms embrace me,
Saying, yes my son, but I forgive you today.

Wendell A. Brown,
Written, November 1976
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“I was moved in my spirit to share this poem from November 1976,
I was single and my life was going in the wrong direction, yet a great
change happened, something which I would always be thankful for.
My life changed as I was led to trust and believe in God completely
Leaving my Mothers home, and traveling far away trusting in God alone.
He became my constant wealth and joy, and my best friend. I hope what
Happened to me might touch another’s heart to change, turning from
the love of this world, to seek out His lasting Love and friendship
which always stays.

‘Happy Thanksgiving’

I Heard A Voice


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I heard a voice this night upon the wind
So very tranquil and serene I found it to be
I felt my heart being touched by his spirit
Whose lasting embrace was so heavenly

I heard the voice as it gently spoke to me
Hearing Him softly calling to me by my name
Telling me how proud he was of me each day
While receiving my hearts daily psalms of praise

And his spirit filled my body with his energy
Touching me so very deeply in my heart and soul
And within the lasting embrace of my Lords spirit
I felt a loves sincerity which will never let go

And I knew during that very blissful moment
I wanted his radiant love in my life to stay
Filling me daily with its sweet endearing joy
Realizing I found the love of loves this day

As each new moment comes to life greeting me
Eagerly embracing his love as I awake each day
I will always continue to write my hearts praises
To my God who brings a lasting happiness to stay.

Wendell A. Brown,
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As The Sun Did Set


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When I thought of
You as the sun did
Set today…

I could only think
How lonely the
Sky must be…

For the brightness
Of the sun embraces
It daily with its love

Then the sun gives
Way to the dark night
Who takes his embrace

For the embrace of
One who loves you
Brightens the day

It fills your world
With untold pleasures
That only a heart
In love surely knows…

And I think about
Your love…how
Much it embraces me

And I know, I need You Lord,
Even though your love always
Embraces me daily from afar.

Wendell A. Brown,
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My Treasure


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Shall my heart not look
To You with each heartbeat,
With each waking breath

Shall my eyes climb upon
The wings of the heavenly
Winds, seeking to reach
Your abode

Shall I not hunger for You
Deeply, in spiritual places
That few come to really

For yes, I shall always seek
Your love in the infinite beauty
Of Your spiritual world which
Embraces my heart each day

Along with Your wonderful
Creation, which astounds my
My eyes daily with Your
Endearing living beauties
That share my world

Yes I shall always seek You
For the blessings which you
Alone send my way, to enrich
My path in life…

For You Lord, are my true love,
My only God, and my everlasting

Wendell A. Brown,
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On My Mind


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The thought of You
Lord, fills the empty
Void in my mind…

And in my heart
I find that You are
So alive, and only You
Can fill the emptiness

…and I can’t control myself

No one or anything can
Ever displace You from
My heart and mind, where
It daily now abides

…am I obsessed?

For the memory of
Of You being with
Me stays so vivid…

So even if I tried
My heart would never
Allow me to erase
Your memory from
Deep within…

For your spiritual essence
Is such a golden one, which
I will endeavor to embrace
It in my life each day

bringing it from my heart
and mind…

Trying to make every
Embracing moment last
Forever whenever I feel
You are not near to me.

Wendell A. Brown,
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I Love You Dear


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A whisper found a place one day
Making its entrance into my ears
He knew he had such little time
To tell the message he would share

And as he scampered into my ears
I heard him began to softly cry
Though his message was a happy one
Many soft tears embraced his eyes

And I sat back so very patiently
So I could hear him clearly say
What my love sent by this whisper
To live inside my heart this day

As the whisper finally reached the spot
Where tired he could sit down and speak
His message was one I had long to hear
For what seemed hours, days, and weeks

Out of breath he finally sat down to begin
Before his day would finally came to an end
The words from the one whom I love so dearly
Which from her lips had fallen this morning

And as the whisper began gently to speak me
Soothing words which would become so clear
The message he carried was short yet worthy
To deliver it fearlessly without any fear

Though he knew once the message had left him
His life would no longer be his this day to bear
He bravely passed to me a truly priceless message
And its embracing words were “I love you dear.”

Wendell A. Brown,
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Because Of Your Love For Me


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My heart swells up within me
As my joyful tears begin to fall
My heart reaches out to feel You
And the tenderness of Your love

I move closer to taste the goodness
That I find this new day to bring
As I move even closer to You Lord
My heart now begins to happily sing

For I find nothing is quite better
When my eyes open each day to see
The golden essence of Your Spirit
As Your sweet love embraces me

For I did not have to open my eyes
Neither did my lungs have to breathe
As I know it has only come about
Because of Your great love for me.

Wendell A. Brown,
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So Many Things


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You became to me
my heart and soul,
that uniquely sweet
essence which lives

You became the rain
the sun, and the moon,
whose beauties are
found as each day begins

You became my rock,
my tower of strength,
my morning star which
shines very bright…

For Lord, You became
every lovely thing to
me. when you entered
my heart forever
changing my life.

Wendell A. Brown,
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A Lasting Stay


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Lord, You make each day
Much more beautiful,
Every time You grace it
With Your smile

The seconds, the
Minutes, and hours
Find their many life
Moments to be very

And life finds a
Beautiful increase
In it’s value, as Your
Breath fills my lungs
Each new day

For the awesome power of
Love in Your spirit makes
Each living moment with
You a lasting stay.

Wendell A. Brown,
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