Where Your Heart Will Always Stay


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Build up your treasure
in heaven, with riches
which will never fade

Reach out for those many
blissful gems, whose life
origins only in heaven lay

Hunger for the priceless
spiritual things, those
very special gifts which
come from up above

And God will reward your
life aplenty with all the
the fullness of His divine

Lift the Lord Jesus up
on high, for He loves
the sound of your sweet

Keep His love which is
a very precious jewel
deep within your heart

Long for the treasured
grace found in heaven,
craving for its embrace
night and day

For the place where your
treasure truly lies, is
where your heart will
always stay.

Wendell A. Brown,
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I Am The Only One


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Come to me looking into the mirror of self
Viewing this day what You and I will see
Do not try to cover up or keep hidden
What in your heart you have allowed to be

Take the time to really open up your eyes
Beholding the evil that lives deep within
For only when you accept your sinful state
Can the power of My loves saving grace begin

Come sit beside Me, and let us reason together
Know there is only One who can make you clean
Feel the deep soulful embrace of My living spirit
As in My words of truth and life you now believe

For there is no way My child to escape
What one day in your life will surely come
Unless you believe in my life filled words
That I Jesus Christ Am the Only one.

John 4; Verses 25 and 26.

‘The woman said, “I know that Messiah” (called Christ) “is coming.
When he comes, he will explain everything to us.”
Then Jesus declared, “I, the one speaking to you—I am he.”

This poem was inspired by someone looking to change
their life.

Wendell A. Brown,
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Throughout my life so much has happen
Both the good things along with the bad
I tasted of this worlds success and failure
Many times the paths I chose made me sad

Yet my life was always centered around
The One whom I love each day so true
And the times I became a wayward child
He showed me in my life what I should do

My Lord never departed far away from me
Even during the times that I turned away
He reminded me with each new passing day
That unlike man, His mind will never change

When I would sin I would return to him
With a very humble and repentant heart
And He would listen to all of my prayers
While in His newness I again would start

And as it is truly written in His word
When we come asking forgiveness of sins
Our Lord will open wide his tender embrace
Forgiving all those who are true to Him.

Psalm 31, verses 23-24
Love the Lord, all his faithful people!
The Lord preserves those who are true to him,
but the proud he pays back in full. Be strong
and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.

Wendell A. Brown
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Without You I Am Nothing


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I want all of you,
all of your love,
all of the peace
and tranquility
you bring…

For I know that
you are the love
I have always
searched for and

You are the one love
who would always elude
me because you could
not stand to be in the
presence of sin

Yet you took all the sins
of your creation and its
beings upon yourself

And led our former captors
…into captivity

You died for us and you rose
again so that we would
know you have the power
of God…for you are His son,
and You are God…

And I want all of your love,
all of your joy, and all of
your peace and grace

For what am I without you Lord?
…I am nothing.

Wendell A. Brown,
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The Beautiful Smile I See


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As tiny as you are
Alissa, great within
Is the love I am now
Blessed to see

So real is the joy
And happiness that
Is a large part of
Your inner being

So special is that
Lovely smile, whose
Lasting glow rivals
Even the Sun

And so beautiful
Are the brown eyes
Whose bright radiance
Compares to none

For what is unique
In a special form
And fashion has no
Rival in this life

Especially when one
So tiny, can fill a
Room with her smiles
Awesome light.

My newest grandchild,

Wendell A. Brown
Family photo credit,

The Remnants Of My Tears


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My tears were hidden upon my face
As a shower fell from the skies above
Such darkness now has filled my life
As I frantically searched for those I love

My life today has become very different
Should I embrace this gift which I now have
For it comes with so much hurt and sadness
I begin to wonder why I am not also dead

The heavy smell of death surrounds me
Yet enlightened grateful faces I now see
For every time my eyes saw another fall
The living again truly make me believe

That there is a bright future for all of us
Amid the prayers for our love ones who left
That we can rise above this massive crisis
With new life blossoming from their deaths

I will never truly be the same again
Embracing the pain my heart now bleeds
So I push on forward with my young life
So my loves ones who passed may now see

The power of their spirits deep within me
The great strength that was always theirs
Daily helps me to overcome my inner sadness
While erasing the remnants of my tears.

By Wendell A. Brown,
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My heart pains every day as I see children, killed
maimed and left without family, because of terrorism,
around the world. This poem I wrote a few years
back when seeing the tears of children after the
nuclear accident in Japan. Now I see it all too often
each day and my heart breaks in two. Those who hide
their faces are cowards while committing hideous crimes,
and yet God sees it all and justice will come soon.
Let us pray for peace and healing and the coming of
a better day and world to embrace the children, women,
and all those whose lives are constantly being torn
apart by evil humans around the world. You all have
my hearts love.

Always In Your Presence


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When I awaken early in the morning
How truly thankful I really am
That Your smile shines upon me
Embracing me with the joy of heaven

I am inspired daily by your pure love
And your precious and endless embrace
I feel blessed to taste of your heaven
For I am refreshed by a filling grace

You spoke to my spirit in the beginning
As Lord you did call me by my given name
Promising me no matter what comes in life
Your loving embrace would remain the same

I am surely only a stranger in this world
Who with each breath seeks to let all know
Of the treasure which shines radiantly within
A very priceless gift my heart won’t let go

And I yearn for the excellent moment to come
The day when I will return to my first home
That I may sit within your loving presence
Before you always sharing many new poems.

Psalm 22, Verses 9-12
” Yet you brought me out of the womb;
you made me trust in you, even at my mother’s breast.
From birth I was cast on you;
from my mother’s womb you have been my God.”

Jeremiah 1, Verse 5.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart;
I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Since I was born on the 22nd day it is of great
importance to me, to my life, because He blessed
me with life on that day.

May our lips praise our living God each day!

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,

When It Comes To Your Love


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Each morning as my eyes softly awaken
I find myself falling in love again
As I silently gaze upon your face
I feel as though I am seeing heaven

When you lay here quietly beside me
I realize you are a special treasure
One which takes my very breath away
Whose beauty is a priceless pleasure

And there is nothing you can ever do
Which will ever cause me to turn away
When all you have to do is say my name
The rhythm of your love makes me to stay

Hard times may come into our lives
But with you beside me I stay strong
For I always want to be close to you
Forever locked in you embracing arms

I thank God for this beautiful blessing
He allows in my life each day to stay
Know we will always be as one together
And in our lives it will be no other way.

“To my wife, who is also my best friend.”

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,

Eternal Spring


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To my heart
You are a spring
of life.

Letting it taste
daily of Your
eternal waters.

Refreshing my tired
soul and spirit,
enlightening me.

For true life
only begins,
with your grace
and your love.

And I hungrily
seek to taste
of your eternal spring,
daily to survive.

Wendell A.Brown,
Google Image Credit,

My Way


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I found today I truly missed your smile
and the joyful happiness which it brings
For there is truly no stronger feeling
than the bliss your smile daily brings

I joyfully look forward to seeing you
with the completion of my day
I wait at home so very patiently
for the lovely smile you bring my way

For you are my hearts sweet passion
the true inspiration it daily feels
And all that is alive inside my heart
will tell you the feelings are oh’ so real

And the only moment I anxiously await
when the evening brings an end to my day
Is when I lovingly embrace your inspiring smile
and the priceless love it brings my way.

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,


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