Pray His Spirit Lights Your Way


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Guard your heart and spirit always
never letting your thoughts to stray
Secure what lies deep within your heart
letting the Holy Spirit have his way

Pray every waking moment for salvation
for its true each day we may sin
Pray that His Spirit never leaves you
as His spoken promise you strive to win

For everyday we find is new unto itself
with a myriad of problems all its own
Pray the Spirit will always guide you
and that He will never leave you alone

Guard the thoughts in your heart daily
keeping them pure letting none to stray
Pray to our Lord in heaven day and night
That His Spirit will always light your way

We should always remain prayerful each day as the enemy seeks to make us fall daily. As he is diligent in his quest, we must remain diligent in ours.

Wendell A. Brown,
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He Will Always Be So Near


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My world was touched
by His hand, and its
loneliness was chased

Into my world came
spiritual happiness,
and much more a need
for His love to stay

He taught me to love
my fellow humans, and
to love His Father first
of all.

He promised me if I
did all these things,
never hard would be
my fall.

He filled my heart with
an all believing faith,
which He promised I would
always keep

He told me never to
doubt again, for He
would always be on
call for me

He gave to me sweet
treasures that with
others He allowed me
to each day share

And He promised that
Even when I would
Sleep, He would
always be so near.

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credits,

Love Is


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Love is when I see you within
a thought, envisioning your eyes
as a nova that shines brightly in
the early morning light…

Love is when you do not
speak to me, yet I see
your eyes, knowing everything
that your heart wants to say

Love is when I’m not with you,
yet you are with me, for all
my thoughts and dreams are
only of you

Love is when I kiss your lips,
causing that special smile of
yours to appear, while you softly
blush as you say you love me,
for you are love to me…

And what was once simply a hope,
or a wishing dream for a hopeless
fool in love is now an eternal reality

For in love we have found a natural
beauty to come alive sharing its
embracing bliss in our lives

For in love we have found a wonderful
forever, which first came about
in the grace placed within our hearts
by the One who is genuine Love.

Wendell A. Brown
Google Image Credit,

Your Smile Always Stays


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I find I can never be free of you,
For you have become my daily cell.
Even though no eyes can see its bars,
Your love has become my precious jail

I cannot understand what I am feeling
As its like a heaven and hell to me.
For in my heart I breathe only for you
Yet without you loneliness won’t let me be

For so many feelings seem to overwhelm me
Some feeling wrong, while others seem so right,
Some bring me down to the depths of sadness
While some others bring a pleasant delight

For there are many moments when I’m alone
Where I crave your love to be close to me.
And you at that time may be close by
Yet loneliness still will not let me be.

There are seconds and there are minutes
Where I am left with only daydreams of you
Anxiously hoping, and waiting for the time
When my afternoon will finally be through

Finding then it does not really matter
Whether you are near or so far away
For I am never free of your tender love
If your image within my heart always stays.

Wendell A. Brown,
April 1977, written
2 weeks after meeting
My future wife
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His Loves GLow


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I know my Lord is always very near to us
Because my heart is always nearest to Him
Especially when the stars shine their brightest
That’s when the sweet praises always begin

For I am swept up in the sweetest moments
That only a taste of heaven can truly bring
As I taste of His grace and tender love
I find the psalms from my heart now begin

There is never a time much better
When we should draw closer to His love
For He is always on call for us
Letting us know who He always thinks of

If you release the praise from within your heart
By the first morning light you will surely know
What real heavenly joy will now do to your life
As you begin your new day with His loves glow

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,



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When a day seems so cold and gloomy
When it seems sunshine won’t come my way
Many smiles shine through the sullen gray
Bringing such new blessings into my day

It’s great to feel the touch of a spirits love
As it comes to me in so many different ways
For there is nothing as wonderful as happiness
Whose pure radiance lasts throughout the day

What could ever be more valuable in daily life
Than the kind words of very special friends
Who elect to take some time from their busy days
Sharing a piece of their spirits love from within

There is no value that can ever be placed
On a spiritual treasure so rare and exquisite
As the time a friend lets you know they care
With a moment wonderfully dressed by a visit

And a day is never left quite the same again
Because of the hugs and smiles that made it full
Only because of the blessing of spiritual love
Which always comes alive each day from all of you.

“My friends you are all so very valuable to me,
may all of your days be abundantly blessed.”

Wendell A. Brown
Google Image Credit,

True Humbleness


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You were born into this world for me
And for all who live that would believe
You appeared among all your creation
So from our sin you might set us free

Never have you ever charged a penny
For the living words which you would speak
Even though you appeared in the flesh like us
You never coveted wealth or sinful greed

Your hands would always reach out to all you met
As many hearts in this world you sought to lead
You never tried to profit from the poor and widows
But spiritual wealth in their lives you would leave

You never chose to have much materially
Though everything In this world is Yours
But You humbly came and lived among us
Enriching us with the grace you kept in store

Many always claim in You they truly believe
But from many others they seek to take away
They strive to be another’s lord and master
Leaving many destroyed spirits along the way

I only want to be Christ-like in my dealings
For in my life there will be no other way
I pray all may feel your loving touch as I have
As Your humble spirit enters their lives to stay

Remember me, my LORD, as I rise each morning
Seeking by your spirit’s daily touch to be led
Permit my heart to always be humble like Yours
While never forsaking me Your sweet daily bread.

For my lifetime is very fleet in this dying world
And before by your loving grace I am called away
I desire many to see You as the true example in life
How a humble heart will enrich their lives each day.

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,

For I See


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Can you pray to Me and speak honestly
That in your heart you truly love Me?
When you say that you hate your brother
I cannot see how this could be

Can you tell Me that you love Me
when in your heart I alone do see
the hatred that you hold for others
with such a flagrant animosity

For I created you both in my image
hoping one day you might believe
that each time when you look at him
it is my image you will really see

Look long and deep into the looking-glass
through which only your eyes can see
and see the dark sinfulness in your heart
that is so very far away from Me…

Glance at the lies, the hatred, the evil
which by your own doing your heart does breed
then tell me as you view your sinfulness
that your heart is full of love for Me
…for I see.

The tenth commandment speaks volumes today when hatred for our fellow humans is on the rise! for Christ sees our hearts and nothing is hidden! He sees the senseless destruction of those who are innocent worldwide, whether Gaza, Palestine, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, or families falling from the skies. Lives are taken senselessly each day worldwide in every country. Those who perpetuate evil on innocent sisters and brothers will not be forgotten for their actions…Gods commandment still stands “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” And He still hears and sees as He heard Abel’s spilled blood cry out from the ground to his ears…for there is life in the blood, and he will avenge! My heart cries for the loss of life each day! We are all one kind…humankind! May God comfort those who are suffering greatly, and may Gods love embrace every one of you in these times of great loss!

Wendell A. Brown
Google Image Credit,

His Blessings Never End


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Life daily becomes a priceless blessing
Each pleasurable moment born its true
Every day becomes so beautifully alive
Within the genuine joy I feel for You

Alone finding I cannot make myself happy
For that genuine blessing only comes from You
And as I reflect on Your heavenly goodness
I find my heart dancing to Your melody true

I can sit happily within the love You give
Feeling its sweet radiance filling my day
Without a need to utter a spoken word to You
As You already know what my heart will say

For my spirits voice is so very interconnected
To the life light I always share with You within
Knowing my smile no one else can ever take away
Because with You, my life’s blessings never end.

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,



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You are the power that fills me
The wealth that fills my soul
You are the water I drink of
The love I will not let go

You have made my life lovely
With just Your gentle touch
You have made my heart to dance
Making it to long for You so much

And I am made much better
By Your healing power of grace
And it is always so visible
As its joy adorns my face

And what I am comes only
Because I reached out my hand
To a power far greater than me
For I embraced the ‘Son of Man’.

This poem was inspired by a posting
at my dear sisters blog this morning.
The Abuse Expose, by the ‘Secret Angel.’ Her
postings are always so very inspiring
to many, She is special to all of us
who embrace her words each day… my
sister is so very priceless!

Wendell A. Brown
Google Image Credit,


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