Finding A Way


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A very special blessing happened in my life
That precious moment when you turned my way
When I embraced the special look in your eyes
I quickly found myself simply wanting to stay

I never dreamed a time like this might happen
That I would see my mind so easily blown away
Without a single word from your lovely lips
Only with a special look which takes breath away

My heart today was embezzled by your brown eyes
Even though it seemed they were too far away
Yet, I caught a tiny glimpse of beckoning hope
In my life there would be a chance you’d stay

Would I once again see you in my world tomorrow
Or might our paths cross again this lovely day
Will my new-found hope give birth to a lasting joy
While finding true happiness in my world to stay

For I longed for a chance to softly embrace
Many more moments like the one I found today
So I prayed from my heart to my God in heaven
To bring your precious smile once again my way.

Wendell A. Brown,
© April 1977
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Very Contented


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My God is a consuming fire
Who does meet my every need
He bounds my spirit in his pocket
As he quietly watches over me

Never again will I be alone
Or far from his eyes which see
For wherever it is I am in life
He will always be close to me

He never forsakes me a moment
Of his blessed bread to eat
For my Lord provides my supper
And the spiritual drink I need

Though around me sin abounds
Each day pulling at my senses
His spirit allows my heart to see
Through all of sin’s pretenses

For my loving God, is pure life to me
Surrounding me with angelic fences
Holding me closely each and everyday
While keeping my heart very contented.

Wendell A. Brown,
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The Most


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You are a fiery flame in my eyes
The eternal gem of my wanting heart
Lost and bewildered was I before I met you
But now at last I am found by your love

For in you I found a great treasure
The secrets of eternal love and the life it brings
When people look upon me now
Do they see your Spirit shining from within?

For my sweet pearl of heavens paradise
I will be your love from this day forth
Serving you for endless times to come
If your glorification is the end result

For your name alone is to be glorified
And lifted above all created things
For your love is the one which embraces my dreams
Bringing my heart to always sing

For I love you like running waters
That flow outward to the seas
For it will always be so consistent
In its daily downpour of love for thee

For, you are the true master jeweler
Who holds His precious diamonds very close
You are truly everything to me Lord
That is why in my heart I will always love you
The Most.

Wendell A. Brown,
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The Wonderful Things You Do


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Embrace me with your tender
Lovingly hold me close

Fill my ears
With Your treasured words
So of Your wisdom I may boast

Enter my heart which I
Have opened, for I surrender
Its love to You

For You alone, are worthy
Of my love, because of
“The Wonderful Things You Do”

Wendell A. Brown,
From, ‘A Season of Psalms For My King’
Copyright 2013.
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A Smiles Symphony


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There is a genuine beauty found
Which is a great part of my day
And what makes it so very special
Is your love sent its smile my way

A genuine beauty is a rare prize
For one alone to solely possess
When endowed with awesome power
To bring alive lasting happiness

Yet I find myself to be the luckiest
When with each new day I am able to see
Another breathtaking beautiful morning
Embraced by your smiles sweet symphony

For what’s found very deep in its spirit
Lovingly leaves its radiance upon my face
So if one could really see inside of me
They’ll know your smile can never be erased.

Wendell A. Brown,
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Seeking Your Love


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From my heart of hearts I seek you
In the place where my happiness stays
I long to hear your soothing voice
In the place where my love daily plays

Your love is the most vibrant of my needs
The essence of my life each day
I must eat of your love’s sweet tenderness
As In Your grace I humbly stay

What blessings Lord you have allowed
Which brings my lost soul back to life
That I may drink with undeserving lips
From Your tender sweet well tonight

While my day grasps it’s closing moments
And soft stirring stars bring me to slowly sleep
I open up the richness of my love filled heart
So with my spirit you shall always be.

Wendell A. Brown,
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Filling Me With Your Glow


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Your smile reaches deep within me
And its radiance touches my soul
Its softness makes the moment tender
When you are filling me with its glow

My heart is made to shine brightly
As the sun above in the sky each day
In my eyes I am seen to smile happily
As your glow takes my breath away

When I feel the emotions you feel so deeply
Many times it brings my tears to softly cry
For never have I found love to be wonderful
Until I felt the warmth of your glow inside

For your smile has the magic to move my heart
With a beautiful passion which never lets me go
And its sweet loveliness makes my mind to sway
As your smile fills me with its lasting glow

Wendell A. Brown,
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Praises from my Heart


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You press me each day to be much better
Much more than what I was only yesterday
And when it seems my heart might falter
Because of my need for you I kneel and pray

You only want the very best for me Lord
Wanting to make me spiritually strong
So one day when I put on my priestly robes
I may not do a single thing that’s wrong

You love me daily with a Fathers Love
And so deep and full is what You give
And as someone who knows their Fathers will
No blessings from me have you ever hid

You lift me up on high so often lord
Causing within my heart to be born sweet praise
Transcending words which find a lovely home
In your presence my lord every day

Wendell A. Brown
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Your Endless Bliss


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The fire is still
deep within
my soul…

The glow still
lights my eyes,
and the reason
is one you know

For you are the only
reason, why I am
happy and joy fills
my days

For you are the bliss
filling my world daily,
which I pray will
always stay.

Wendell A. Brown,
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My Love For You


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With eagerness of heart
I shall wait on you and
My heart shall embrace
Your love while my lips
Drink joyfully its nectar

And I will eat until full
At your table because
Everything is yours and
Blessed with many spiritual

Even in the darkness of night
I am wrapped in the radiance
Of your love as its glow fills
My spirit with its beauty and

When you arrive before me
I shall wipe your feet and
Anoint your head with the
Most precious of oils and
I will bring out a better
Meal than yesterday

And I shall wait on you always
Serving with an eagerness of
Heart full of a most splendid
Love from deep within where its
Well is made full each day

And I will sing praises to your
Name for you are my dearest
Treasure, my precious pearl
Of such great worth, the life
Force whose strength shall bring
Alive in my spirit a peaceful rest

For your mere presence will cover
Me erasing any fear or doubt which
my heart has ever embraced for I
Shall be forever safe within your
Grace and love

You are the greatest blessing in my
Life, a jewel whose beauty will never
Diminish always filling my heart with
A genuine love for you.

Wendell A. Brown,
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