Already Won


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Silently I wait on you
silently I pray
Silently I wait on you
to help me start the day

Hopefully I wait on you
to give the direction I do need
Hopefully I wait on you Lord
to guide me and also lead

Quietly I wait on you
in all my silent prayers
Quietly I wait on you
for I know you will soon come near

Expectantly I wait on you
with the assurance you will come
Expectantly I wait on You
knowing the battle is already won

Wendell A. Brown,
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Love me dearly for all the moments
which darling daily paint my day
Love me always for all the seconds
that no other can ever take away

Love me for all the lonely dreams
I use to have so many nights
Show me there’s no need to ever worry
with your tender sweet love in my life

For my dream has become a reality
as God gave our love a gift of life
Blessing our beautiful new beginning
with the radiance of His love-light

Let us forever join our hearts tightly together
so our love will never come apart
Let us love each other for all the memories
which with Gods blessing will now start

For a genuine beginning two will find now
when they join together with the Lord as three
And the two will always be blessed for their faith
As in Gods sweet blessing of grace they believed.

Wendell A. Brown,
June 1977,
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A Certain Love


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Only in Your presence
can I find the joy
Which my heart needs

Only when walking
with You can I truly find
what brings me peace

Only by sharing my
quiet moments with You
will I know what it is
I should do

And only in the love
You give my Lord,
will I find a love
that‘s always true.

‘The love of the Lord is always consistent, never changing, so our love should be the same,’

Wendell A. Brown,
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A Love Born Inside


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Your eyes have spoken to me softly
so many words of sweet delight
Filling my heart with a burning desire
whose flame burns so very bright

And the words which my heart embraced
have not fallen upon deaf ears
For my mind alone knows their meaning
as my heart begins to shed gentle tears

For your words have touched me deeply
moving my mind into sweet silent thought
As I have found in doing much thinking today
I realize I love you so very much

For your heart has spoken to me
as your embracing words found their way
Into my heart where they did move
a fast fading cold lonely stone away

For your words I found had the real power
that could bring alive a once dead heart
With the warmth of loves burning passions
so that a true love inside today could start.

Wendell A. Brown,
April 1977,
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Yours Alone To Keep


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Can you feel my heart beating loudly
Can you hear the words it now speaks
Can you dissect every morsel you hear
So that you understand all it means

To be the one who does love you only
To be the one that you chose for life
To know that its only you I truly love
My special someone, yes my wife

When I think of you I sigh so deeply
As my soul swells up inside
For when I think of you I am swept away
As I ride a sweet natural high

And these moments happen everyday
For I love you so very deeply
And while each moment passes by
Each one shows me I love you completely

So can you feel the rhythms of my heart
Can you feel the embrace of every single beat
Realizing that as we go on together in life
That my love is yours to always keep

Wendell A. Brown,
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The Truth


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Your word is one for
all the ages, times
in the past, present
and those to come…

For Your word is the
Gift of life to many
Who from their priceless
sound would never run

Your living word is more
Truer than any man made
law in this life could
ever be…

Yet man does not want
to listen, because his
eyes would open making
his sin so plain to see

For Your living word has
the sacred power to take
the shackles away from
many hearts…

So that sin will never
master us again, so from
Your embracing spirit we
will never depart.

Wendell A. Brown,
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Standing Still

Wendell A. Brown:

They say ‘Truth is the light,” Here is an awesome poem by our sister blogger Kimberly at ‘silentlyheardonce,’ when one has a heart they can feel the genuine emotion. We are created by the same God are we not!

Originally posted on silentlyheardonce:

Image found on FB

Image found on FB

breathing the same air
still we’re guilty without trial
marriages between races
still you fear my large son
I’m your supervisor
yet your salary is more
we have come so far
standing still

my hair is groomed just as yours
why do you want feel mine
my kids share when they play
why do you tell yours to stay away
we have come so far
standing still

you see, like you I bleed red
I want what you want
love, peace and happiness
I need what you need
food, clothing and sheltering
we have come so far
standing still

there is evil in your race
and some in mine
I don’t judge you
for their disgraces
could you, would you
do the same for me
we have come so far
standing still

for every step ahead
we fall back twice as hard
kids of many skins

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The Morning Light Is You


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When the sun comes to life each morning
so wonderfully alive am I made to feel
As I view again its beautiful brilliance
I find its alluring radiance to be unreal

When its wholesome light embraces me
I am made to feel very warm inside
For within exists a heaven received
From the tenderness found in your eyes

I feel light as a floating feather
riding the wind currents in the sky
Realizing why I hold close to this feeling
Knowing you are the real reason why

For when the sun rose softly this morning
so beautiful was my life made to be
And the joy within became vibrantly alive
by the breathtaking melody of loves rhapsody

Finding with each new days sweet beginning
There is one thing which shall remain so true,
The morning light will always shine brighter
because of the priceless love I found in you.

Wendell A. Brown,
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A Deep Place


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Your spirit resides deep within me Lord
A place many others will never know
A place I will not share with anyone else
A shelter where each day my spirit can go

It’s here where we share moments together
Where I can always truly be myself
For you Lord alone have created me
And blessed me such spiritual wealth

It’s a very beautiful creative place
Where like precious paintings on a wall
The words lie there simply breathing
Waiting for my heartbeats embracing call

Within there is always sunshine present
Far away from the world’s hurts and pains
For you have blessed me with the perfect place
Where I can always quietly praise your name

For I am so much a part of Your spirit
Especially as the words from my heart now come
I feel all the pleasure of your precious love
Always ensuring my words will never be done.

Wendell A. Brown,
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had a post today ‘A Special Place’,
which moved me to share this. So wonderful
are the images and words in her post.

You Are The Thought


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You are the thought my heart is keeping
with the passing of each new day
You are the dream I keep while sleeping
to please my heart while in bed I lay

You are the lasting joy which shows itself
in the glow which always alights my face
You are the grace that lives deep within
which will never find itself replaced

You are the only one I am fully loving
when in my spirit I hold your love close
You are always the one I deeply long for
when I speak of the One I need the most

For Your love I find supplies my every need
as I awaken each morning from my sleep
And I find as I embrace Your selfless love
In my heart and spirit I am made more complete

Wendell A. Brown,
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