Grace Destined To Stay


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You spoke to my
Heart such
Vibrant words

Even though your
Voice no one else
Would hear

You told me of all
Your hearts inner

And what to your
Heart was found
To be most dear

Even though the
Sound of Your voice
Lord, no one else
Was around to hear

Your words found a
Way inside of me
As they cast away my
Many fears

Finding the passageway
Leading to my heart
So very deep within

They lifted my inner spirit
cleansing a place once
darkened by worldly sin

It made a certain radiance
to blossom throughout my
daydreams of You this day

Healing my heart while
Setting me free with a
perfect grace destined
to stay.

Wendell A. Brown,
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You Are My Life


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What thoughts should
I share through the
Course of my day which
Can express to you my
Feelings deep within…

For I cannot see, nor
Be with you at your
Job, so Instead of my
Lips I must compensate
With my pen

You tell me you know
I love you but please,
Let me have the pleasure
Of playing my little game…

For I only seek to let
You know how much I love
and need you, in a thousand
different beautiful ways…

For you are my life.

Wendell A. Brown,
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I Will Forever Keep


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I found You my Lord to be the treasure
Which I need with me in life each day
And each morning as my eyes awaken
I pray fervently you will always stay

In this world I need Your love beside me
So I might not find myself to stumble or fall
I need the power I find in Your living word
To guide me through life’s many dark halls

I find You to be my deepest inspiration
One which causes a tranquil joy to stay
I also find You to be the most radiant light
Which consistently chases dark clouds away

For in Your love I found a priceless treasure
So no other God will I ever want to seek
A breathtakingly beautiful eternal gift
Which deep in my heart I will forever keep.

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,

What A Smile


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Such a lovely smile which illuminates
The dark parts embracing my day
When I gaze upon its spirited essence
As its brightness gently comes my way

What a countenance resigned to such joy
Which will stimulate even one’s heart
With its stately manner and vivid gaiety
Once tasted of, you’ll not want it to depart

For this smile is born of celestial origins
Whose brightness even rivals the sun
I find a certain fondness for this smile
Who so charmingly my heart has won

What a joy to see such bliss being born anew
With a radiance which outshines the sun
One that illuminates even the darkness
Appearing in the life of her special one.

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,

For Me


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When my day lacks your presence
It is so very hard to do
What is so pleasing to you

I find myself beginning to lean
Into my own understanding
While straying from the wisdom
Of your word

I sometimes stumble, falling so short
In everything that my hands set out to do
If it is not being done to glorify your name

And I find the pain of disappointment
Is almost too much, too hard to bear

While With each failure I find
It is impossible to have success in my life
Unless You Lord, are the foundation of it all.

Wendell A. Brown lyrics/poem
Mark A. Seller Music/composer/music
From “ReaLITY” copyright 2014
Google Image Credit,

Already Won


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Silently I wait on you
Silently I pray
Silently I wait on you
To help me start the day

Hopefully I wait on you
To give the direction I do need
Hopefully I wait on you Lord
To guide me and also lead

Quietly I wait on you
in all my silent prayers
Quietly I wait on you
For I know you will soon come near

Expectantly I wait on you
With the assurance you will come
Expectantly I wait on You
Knowing the battle is already won

Wendell A. Brown,
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Love me dearly for all the moments
Which darling daily paint my day
Love me always for all the seconds
That no other can ever take away

Love me for all the lonely dreams
I use to have so many nights
Show me there’s no need to ever worry
With your tender sweet love in my life

For my dream has become a reality
As God gave our love a gift of life
Blessing our beautiful new beginning
With the radiance of His love-light

Let us forever join our hearts tightly together
So our love will never come apart
Let us love each other for all the memories
Which with Gods blessing will now start

For a genuine beginning two will find now
When they join together with the Lord as three
And the two will always be blessed for their faith
As in Gods sweet blessing of grace they believed.

Wendell A. Brown,
June 1977,
Google Image Credit,

A Certain Love


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Only in Your presence
Can I find the joy
Which my heart needs

Only when walking
With You can I truly find
What brings me peace

Only by sharing my
Quiet moments with You
Will I know what it is
I should do

And only in the love
You give my Lord,
Will I find a love
That‘s always true.

‘The love of the Lord is always consistent, never changing, so our love should be the same,’

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,

A Love Born Inside


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Your eyes have spoken to me softly
so many words of sweet delight
Filling my heart with a burning desire
whose flame burns so very bright

And the words which my heart embraced
have not fallen upon deaf ears
For my mind alone knows their meaning
as my heart begins to shed gentle tears

For your words have touched me deeply
moving my mind into sweet silent thought
As I have found in doing much thinking today
I realize I love you so very much

For your heart has spoken to me
as your embracing words found their way
Into my heart where they did move
a fast fading cold lonely stone away

For your words I found had the real power
that could bring alive a once dead heart
With the warmth of loves burning passions
so that a true love inside today could start.

Wendell A. Brown,
April 1977,
Google Image Credit,

Yours Alone To Keep


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Can you feel my heart beating loudly
Can you hear the words it now speaks
Can you dissect every morsel you hear
So that you understand all it means

To be the one who does love you only
To be the one that you chose for life
To know that its only you I truly love
My special someone, yes my wife

When I think of you I sigh so deeply
As my soul swells up inside
For when I think of you I am swept away
As I ride a sweet natural high

And these moments happen everyday
For I love you so very deeply
And while each moment passes by
Each one shows me I love you completely

So can you feel the rhythms of my heart
Can you feel the embrace of every single beat
Realizing that as we go on together in life
That my love is yours to always keep

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,


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