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Let the harmonies always flow together
From the soothing river that lies within
Let the life given waters from above
Make blissful moments of peace begin

Let the hearts and minds we possess
Meld together, always joining as one
Let the heavenly light from up above
Shine radiantly like the new day sun

Let it calm the spirit of love within
Our hearts which confidently resides
Letting the bliss of His tranquility
Shower us with life rains from the skies

Covering our bodies and filling our souls
With His spiritual grace so deep inside
Leaving us each day in our lives very assured
Together with God love will not see its demise

For our God above will keep us pleased
If this special love we promise to keep
Especially since He brought us together
Blessing our lives with a love so heavenly.

Wendell A. Brown,
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Sweet Tears


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It brought sweet tears to life in my eyes,
The kind Which never seems to go away
It touched me very deeply within my heart
In that special place where His love stays

Because what His spirit joyfully brings,
Solidly puts in place a forever smile,
Which shines as bright as the morning sun,
Making a new days birth become worthwhile.

When ones heart believes in our risen Lord
Daily deep within is born a song to sing
As one who believes is always giving thanks
Feeling the perfect grace loving Him will bring

And if tears of sweet happiness fall each day
Then my sweet Lord it will just have to be
For my heart is completely full of Your love
That I want all living in the world to see

That there is a wonderful joy which can be theirs
When they open their eyes to this life each day
A genuine love who will never leave them alone
Because in His loving embrace they will safely stay

Wendell A. Brown
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Do Not Drift Away


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When you have heard the word of perfection
When you have felt the touch of sinless life
As your heart is pricked early in the morning
Before the coming of sweet dawns sunlight

Fall to your knees and always remember
The essence of truth which came your way
Fall to your knees in complete subjugation
While you joyfully lift his name in praise

Asking him for the daily relief of the Spirit
To securely guide you on a right path today
That you are not tricked by sin’s deceitfulness
Appealing to your thoughts of God to drift away

For the enemy each day is always near to us
Hoping he might entice us to slip and fall
Tempting our hearts and minds to begin to doubt
Trying to tear our spirits away from God’s call

So in everything you must try to be consistent
Always making a quiet time in your day to pray
Speaking to God from your heart through His Spirit
Expressively praying that you will never drift away

Wendell A. Brown,
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8 Tips to Making Peace a Habit

Wendell A. Brown:

A wonderful message which will assure certain peace to blossom within our lives and the lives of others take a moment and embrace this message it can bring about certain change daily!

Originally posted on AIKIDO-NO-SEKAI:

??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Why is peace so elusive? There is no one answer to this question; however, it is true that peace starts within ourselves. If each of us actively strive for peace, I think having peace in our lives isn’t such an impossible dream. Listed below are 8 of most practical tips to start living peacefully with ourselves and others. I am sure you feel lighter and more at peace by applying these tips in your everyday lives:

1. Say Thank you.

The attitude of gratitude. Most people today think they are entitled to certain privileges. Bosses barking orders to subordinates, customers ranting in stores and restaurants, children feeling they should have this or that toy because all their friends have them; the list can go on and on. Seldom do we hear even a “thank you“. How would you feel if after doing something for others they say thank…

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This Perfect Day


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Friday had been the saddest day
That my young life has ever known
The loneliness which my heart felt
Just would not leave me alone

The clouds which filled the afternoon
With their darkness and their dread
Left remorseful feelings alive inside
Along with emotions which seemed dead

As the sun rose this morning I awakened
Finding the moment still haunting my dreams
With its sadness and gloom embracing me
I searched to find joy in most anything

From what my eyes had seen to transpire
On that sad, dark Friday afternoon
So I began to pray what had been written
Would come to fruition so very soon

As the last twenty-four hours ticked away
The hope in my heart slowly began to rise
Beginning to beat with a steady rhythm within
Waiting for the prophesied moment to arrive

I saw many in the room praying around me
How their faith began to slowly slip away
Not believing what was soon to come about
Would surely inspire a stronger faith today

My heart anxiously awaited the moment to come
Anticipating the new joy it would soon receive
As I felt the lifting soft touch of the Holy spirit
I could feel my faith growing deep inside of me

My ears heard so many captivating melodies
Embracing me from the direction of His tomb
And upon hearing the hearty voices of angels
I sensed my Savior would be coming back soon

As we were kissed by a beautiful dawning
A genuine happiness swept my sadness away
As my Lord replaced it with a lasting bliss
While rising to life on this perfect day.

Wendell A. Brown,
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Always Stays


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Build up your treasure
in heaven, with riches
that never fade

Reach out for the
greater things in life,
whose origins only
in heaven lay

Hunger for the spiritual
things, those special
gifts from up above

And my God will
reward you aplenty,
with all the fullness
of His love

Lift the Lord Jesus up
on high, for He loves
to hear your praise

And keep His love
which is so special
deep within your
heart always

Long for the treasure
found in heaven
deeply craving it
night and day

For the place where
your treasure really
lies, is where your
heart will surely stay.

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit.

“Happy Easter” to all whom the
Lord God, Jesus Christ, lovingly
Created in this world.

A Love Which Remains So True


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Only in your presence
can I find the joy
which my heart needs

Only when walking
with you can I find
what brings me peace

Only by sharing my
quiet time with you
will I know what I
should do

And only with the grace
you bring into my life
will I enjoy your love
which remains so true.

Wendell A. Brown,
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Finding A Way


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A very special blessing happened in my life
That precious moment when you turned my way
When I embraced the special look in your eyes
I quickly found myself simply wanting to stay

I never dreamed a time like this might happen
That I would see my mind so easily blown away
Without a single word from your lovely lips
Only with a special look which takes breath away

My heart today was embezzled by your brown eyes
Even though it seemed they were too far away
Yet, I caught a tiny glimpse of beckoning hope
In my life there would be a chance you’d stay

Would I once again see you in my world tomorrow
Or might our paths cross again this lovely day
Will my new-found hope give birth to a lasting joy
While finding true happiness in my world to stay

For I longed for a chance to softly embrace
Many more moments like the one I found today
So I prayed from my heart to my God in heaven
To bring your precious smile once again my way.

Wendell A. Brown,
© April 1977
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Very Contented


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My God is a consuming fire
Who does meet my every need
He bounds my spirit in his pocket
As he quietly watches over me

Never again will I be alone
Or far from his eyes which see
For wherever it is I am in life
He will always be close to me

He never forsakes me a moment
Of his blessed bread to eat
For my Lord provides my supper
And the spiritual drink I need

Though around me sin abounds
Each day pulling at my senses
His spirit allows my heart to see
Through all of sin’s pretenses

For my loving God, is pure life to me
Surrounding me with angelic fences
Holding me closely each and everyday
While keeping my heart very contented.

Wendell A. Brown,
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The Most


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You are a fiery flame in my eyes
The eternal gem of my wanting heart
Lost and bewildered was I before I met you
But now at last I am found by your love

For in you I found a great treasure
The secrets of eternal love and the life it brings
When people look upon me now
Do they see your Spirit shining from within?

For my sweet pearl of heavens paradise
I will be your love from this day forth
Serving you for endless times to come
If your glorification is the end result

For your name alone is to be glorified
And lifted above all created things
For your love is the one which embraces my dreams
Bringing my heart to always sing

For I love you like running waters
That flow outward to the seas
For it will always be so consistent
In its daily downpour of love for thee

For, you are the true master jeweler
Who holds His precious diamonds very close
You are truly everything to me Lord
That is why in my heart I will always love you
The Most.

Wendell A. Brown,
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