My One True Love


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My heart does deeply long for you
When it finds you are not close by
I search the world around me
And even heavenly skies so high

For moments with your loving touch
That often you place deep inside
Can make lonely times pass by quickly
Making a once lonely heart to come alive

For some may think I am very weak
As I seek fervently your love each day
But to me your love is so very precious
A true treasure I always want to stay

For without its sweet loving essence
And the rich joy it brings to live inside
The moments I find would be so empty
If my ONE true love is not by my side.

Wendell A. Brown.
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A Genuine Friend


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There is a love which lives deep within
A genuine one which will never go away
No matter how one might try to release it
In our hearts and minds we find it stays

Whenever one touches our inner being
While bringing their pleasant peace inside
We find ourselves to become comfortable
As we begin to embrace them in our lives

They may become genuine friends that care
They become like sisters and brothers too
They brighten our lives each time we speak
Changing grey skies to ones of crystal blue

The hearts of these special ones we care for
Are so genuine and selfless in every way
They are in our lives for special reasons
Even making sunny our cloudy and rainy days

Whether you are a dear sister or brother
Or the truest friend one in life may find
You are a treasure to those who love you
Because of the selfless heart they did find.

Wendell A. Brown,
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I felt the love
That is a part
Of You, as it
Became a deep
Part of my heart

I never could
Have imagine
That such strong
Emotions this day
Would start

I felt the joy
Which comes one’s
Way, when the deep
Spiritual ascent

And the happiness that
Entered into my world
This day was a treasured
Piece of heaven.

Wendell A. Brown,
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The Blessing Of You


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A wonderful miracle embraced my life
When you came my way that special day
I received the blessing of your smile
Realizing quickly I wanted it to stay

Who would have ever chanced to think
Their heart and mind might be swept away
Without a single word spoken from your lips
Only with a look bidding breath to fade

My heart was embezzled by your brown eyes
With a sheer radiance that would hypnotize
And within them I caught a glimpse of hope
You might find a reason to stay in my life

Tomorrow will I see you come my way again
Might our paths cross some marvelous way
Will my new found hope give birth to a joy
Finding the loneliness in my world to fade

For I long for the chance to softly embrace
Many more moments like the ones found today
And to my God in heaven I prayed from my heart
To continue the blessing of you he sent my way.

Wendell A.Brown
April 1977,
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A True Lasting love


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Touch my dreams of love each night
And you will hear my hearts love song
Touch the thought I think while awake
And you’ll see of your love I’m a pawn

Touch every morning Sun that my eyes greet
Feeling its golden bliss embracing me within
Touch the early suns golden rays of warmth
As you feel the yearning which now begins

To always fill your heart with the best
That my life is prepared to give to you
Even if there were not any real loves yet
The one you love will genuinely be true

Filling your smile with the brilliance of stars
Sealing your eyes with the light of a nova bright
Making your face to shine happily in every way
As you live each day with the true love of your life.

Wendell A. Brown,
June 1977,
Google Image Credit

Your Smile


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Your smile reminds me of a paradise
With its beautiful calm crystal seas
Smooth serene beaches with palm trees
Translucent skies that are so heavenly

To see your smile each day as I awaken
Simply makes all bad things to go away
Bringing to life such a real happiness
Whose loving embrace I pray will stay

The way you smell without any perfume
Like a flower blooming in the island sun
Is a treasure my heart is grateful for
Making me proud to be your special one

That you chose to share your life with
No matter what things may come our way
I am blessed you will daily inspire me
With sweet joy from your heart each day.

Wendell A.Brown,
Google Image Credit,

A Timeless Forever


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I find our relationship to be
A golden timeless forever,
During each life day I breathe
Sharing its joy with you

Where ordinary times are
Found to become very special
Treasures being born from within
A precious Love that’s true

Through both good and hard
Times our hearts blend
Carefully together happily
Existing mutually as one

Making what we share so very
Priceless and Limitless in
Nature, a true lasting love
Which will never come undone.

Wendell A. Brown,
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Always Looking Upwards


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My heart looks upward into the sky
Towards your sweet heavenly abode
For I think of you so much everyday
Thanking you for saving my soul

I will always reflect on where I once was
And the road in which my life did stride
Until That day when I elected to follow you
For the welcome promise I would never die

Without you my life would still be empty
Still chasing worldly desires without end
I still would be locked in a true race
Held captive by worldly desire and sin

And all it took was one breathtaking moment
Where I laid myself down beneath your feet
Crying from within my deep pain and sorrow
That my broken soul you would always keep

For what is life without your true blessing
What is my heart without your tender love
Where would I be each day in this my life
Without your salvation and grace from above

Wendell A. Brown,
Amazingly beautiful Photo Credit,

James ‘Bo’ Insogna, takes some of
the most breathtaking photos I have
ever seen. I told him they inspire
poetry…you all should pay him a visit.

Google Plus:

The Moment Love Begins


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To gaze upon your glowing beauty each day
Fills my heart with the special joy it needs
As happiness finds itself overwhelming me
Your sweet beauty my heart seeks to seize

And I look forward each day to our meeting
So that by chance you might look my way
Becoming the tender object of my affection
While chasing the loneliness in my heart away

For I find each night to be so lonely now
When in my dreams your face I always see
Knowing I cannot reach out and touch the beauty
Of the sweet love my heart silently knows it needs

So I know I must find a way to be contented
Until the new days brightness comes my way
Allowing your smile to unlock the nightly bars
That each lonely night keeps us so far away,

Wendell A.Brown,
April 1977
Google Image Credit,

I also shared this on my
very first blog,

Seeking Never To Displease You


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You are the unique love that lasts forever
The one reality whose beauty never fades
You are the sun rising deep within me
The perfect golden glow which fills my day

You are the refreshing drink I embrace
Whose nourishment massages my soul
You are my heart’s constant companion
Whose sure promise will never let me go

Your awesome power daily leads me
You are the strength that is found within
You are the one my heart daily prays to
When the newness of each day begins

And I will always pray for spiritual direction
Asking for you wisdom and knowledge too
So that I might never err during my daily walk
As I seek in my life not to ever displease you.

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,


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