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So many times in my life
Lord, you have saved me
From sickness and disease

You have always kept me
Very safe, and for that reason
I will daily give you praise

You have blessed me with
Your wisdom, laying vast
Amounts of knowledge into
My mind

A spiritual wisdom unknown
To most, unless they open
Their hearts so its wealth
they might find

My heart is pleased each
Morning, finding you have
Watched over me as I slept

As I rise up meeting the
Kiss of the dawn, I realize
Again how much I am blessed

I am but a very poor man
Yet within my heart the
Greatest treasure I possess

Because you have graced my
Life each day with your
Enduring gift of happiness

For you alone Lord have made
Me to smile again much brighter
Than the newly risen Sun

And I only seek new reasons
Each day to gain favor in your
Eyes before my day is done

I pray I will never be
Without your love, in the
Many moments of my life
Each day

For I need the wholesome
Fullness of your embrace
Each morning in my life
To always stay.

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