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You bring me in my life full circle
To rest serenely in your arms
You protect my entire person
So no part of me will suffer harm

When I am hungry Lord you feed me
And when I thirst you make me full
The life essence alive in your word
Makes me better in all I seek to do

Whenever I feel sorry for myself
Your spirit brings my eyes to see
There are many others in this world
Who do suffer much more than me

Each new day Lord I am empowered
To pray for all whom I daily meet
So they may come to know the love
Of the God who satisfies my needs.

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The sun shines down
upon you each day, in such
a very endearing way

The sky seems to embrace
wholeheartedly, every
word your lips will say

And flowers open their
petals wide, so they might
consume of your sweet perfume

As all give their attention
to one of God’s loveliest
creations, for they all pay
sweet homage to you.

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This morning my God’s sweet blessings
Have given birth today within my face
As I awoken to greet His wholesome love
I found myself blessed by His loving grace

I woke up this wonderful morning knowing
While I slept last night I was never alone
For the power of his spirit was always near
As within my heart He found a faithful home

This morning I knew would be quite well
Because of the perfect peace which stays
Realizing as the hours passed last night
You had already blessed the coming day

Within my spirit I felt your excellent joy
Which Lord, I knew could only come from You
While inside of my heart I am very thankful
You allowed my eyes to open again its true

And this morning Lord I will praise you
With everything my heart attempts to do
Letting all know with my glowing smile
My joy within exists because of only You.

1 John 3:1 See what kind of love the Father
has given to us, that we should be called
children of God; and so we are. The reason
why the world does not know us is that it
did not know him.
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I find my strength being deeply renewed
As my spirit bows before You each day
I have no fear of anything in this world
Because in my life Your grace will stay

I find myself seeking to serve each day
The One whose love will never let me be
Since the first time He called me by name
From worldly fear His love has set me free

I find myself refreshed by many sweet moments
When my heart is gently revitalized by his hand
And even when I find my body aches painfully
He always lifts me up and helps me to stand

I will not give into the diseases of this world
Nor will I let my mind by doubt be led astray
I believe with the Spirit’s power in my heart
That to live in this world there is no other way

For I breathe each day His tender sweet breath
Which my Lord’s blessing has allowed me to have
And I will never seek to be separated from Him
Not from the One love who always keeps me glad.

Proverbs 16:20
Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers,and
blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD.
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The path we walk will always end as one
Though we will try to control all we do
We can never alter what is to come in life
Unless the path we choose leads back to you

Many things bring us happiness as we grow
Many sorrows will tend to make us sway
We will see ourselves daily change in life
Many times we will find ourselves to stray

Our first breath brought our life’s footprint
A gift from the living God alone who creates
Yet He had a limit in life intended for us
And with a simple choice we might shape our fate

Face everything which tries to master your soul
Remain strong and from His wisdom never run
For the path of life will remain true to you
If we choose understanding we will overcome

When we choose the straight and narrow path
Electing from the wide worldly one to run away
We will live to taste of the Lord’s promises
As His blood already paved the narrow paths way

For the material and flesh of this world will pass
And only the God filled Spirit will eternally last.

Wendell A. Brown,
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A whisper found a place one day
Making its entrance into my ears
He knew he had such little time
To tell the message he would share

And as he scampered into my ears
I heard him began to softly cry
Though his message was a happy one
Many soft tears embraced his eyes

And I sat back so very patiently
So I could hear him clearly say
What my love sent by this whisper
To live inside my heart this day

As the whisper finally reached the spot
Where tired he could sit down and speak
His message was one I had long to hear
For what seemed hours, days, and weeks

Out of breath he finally sat down to begin
Before his day would finally came to an end
The words from the one whom I love so dearly
Which from her lips had this morning fallen

And as the whisper began gently to speak me
Soothing words which would become so clear
The message he carried was short yet worthy
To deliver it fearlessly without any fear

Though he knew once the message had left him
His life would no longer be his this day to bear
He bravely passed to me a truly priceless message
And its embracing words were “I love you dear.”

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16 - 1

Each day if I stumble and fall
Who is close by to make it right
Who hears my heartfelt cries?
Whether morning or late at night

Is it not He who will always hear
Is it not He who wipes all my tears
Is it not He who alone knows it all
So that never long will be my fall

For He knew me before my life began
And I will never lose my faith in Him
For it was He who first chose my name
And I will love His ways more than sin

Because my faith is very strong in Him
That over my life’s failings I will win
Knowing each day as I lift up His name
With His love I will not be put to shame.

(January 1977)
Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD your God is in your midst,
a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over
you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.

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As the sun slowly sets behind darkened mountains
As its radiance softly disappears beneath the sea
There I find in these most captivating of moments
I will always have a deep desire by your side to be

When the moon’s beauty appears from the shadows
As the stars dance forward delivering their light
I will treasure our precious moments together
As our hearts dance together as stars shine bright

We now hear the rhythmic serenade of trade winds
With hauntingly beautiful melodies filling our ears
Finding nothing is more important at this moment
As the many times I hear you say ‘I love you dear’

Beneath the energetic spirits of smiling stars up high
As they send down heavenly fragrances from up above
Realize no one will be as special to me in this world
As you the beautiful one whom I call my life’s love.

(November 1983 Ohau, Hi)

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Come to me let me
hold you close
under starlit skies

Let me embrace the total
essence of you and let
my lips not ever lie

But let my heart strike
a lovely note that will
never ever leave you blue

And as we embrace so
tenderly realize that
I love you, yes I do

Let the moon be
our shining jewel
until a forever time

Let the stars of heaven
become the strength with
which our love together
softly binds

Let our heart’s first
sweet love song forever
last deep inside our minds

And always know that
my love is only yours
until the end of time

Let this moment which
we have found never
lose its magic touch

Never let the thrill
of this moment fade
away, this moment we
love so much

Let the warmth of this hour
find a resting place in
which our hearts will always

And let us pray to our Lord
of heaven above that these
feelings never go away

Let my two arms always
feel the embrace of the
sweetest love to be found

Let our lips always meet
sharing tender moments
where sweet happiness abounds

And never between us let
a time to come where our
moments we may waste

Let us promise the other
the truest of loves nectar
in our love we will always

Realizing as we grow old
together in our love that
stays so rich and true

Always remember the words
my heart spoke to you
“I Love You, Yes I Do.”

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You wonder if I really listen,
If I really hear all the words you say
Or if I close my ears to you
Letting my attention drift so far away

You wonder if I’m true to you,
Or if someone else has captured my heart
For deep within where love does live,
Know you are its most treasured part

I love you more than can ever be measured,
So much more than one can ever see
I also retain every spoken word
Inside my heart that you ever speak to me

So, yes I will always listen to you
To everything that your lips might say
And always will your love have my hearts ear
For by your side I shall always stay

(Re-blog of a favorite)

Wendell A. Brown,

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Poem from “Reality”
“Questions”, track 15,
Wendell A. Brown Words and
Mark A. Sellers, Music
Copyright 2013.


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