A Prayer

68df21b811e1a723a35481afe2dd41b8 i will praise thee

My Lord, my God, I will praise you forever
never shall my heart greet a morning
a afternoon or an evening where my praise
for you will not find a home in your heart

My lips speak of steadfast devotion to you
for you are my rock, my sweet salvation
what would I be if not for the love you give
and the blessings of life that paint my day
with the grace you have endowed to live within

My spirit glows in such a serenely golden way
as it embraces the taste of your bliss which
you have placed in my heart of flesh making
it to sing such joyous notes of serenity while
seeking to find a place of rest within your ears

And I shall always walk in spirit with you my lord
serving you wonderfully with my all, and my heart
shall be grateful for your assuring love which
graces me each new day with your gift of breath

Lead me lord in the way I should go and my
heart will follow you all the days of my
life glorifying you every moment of each new
day in this world for my heart surely belongs
to you alone.

Wendell A. Brown,
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Alive In My Heart


What shows itself so
Very clearly each day
For every eye to see

Is also alive and
Doing abundantly well
Deep inside of me

For it tells all who
See your smiling face,
How much in love you
Really are

At night if they could
look high enough, they
Will even find it written
In the stars

Alive are the many deep
Feelings along with the
fiery glow which can never
be displaced

For love is such a proud
Feeling which in one’s
Heart knows no shame or

For what exists daily
Inside of your smile
Shall never my love have
A reason to depart

For what is seen alive
in your glowing smile,
Will always reside, locked
Deep in my heart.

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Wendell A. Brown

Your Breath Of Life


Let me feel the taste
of your fiery kiss upon
my undeserving lips

Let me drink of the nectar
that pours from your
mouth while the sun
is still high

For when tomorrow
comes I may be gone
and will not be able to
taste a single thing
from the grave

Send me your gift of
happiness to in-dwell my
my spirit with the bliss
of heaven that shall
leave my mind contented
and well pleased

For in my power I have
but this chance, for
tomorrow may forsake
me of my many dreams of

Where shall I go? Is
there a place for me
beyond the setting sun?

For I fear if I do not
feel the sting of your life’s
kiss I may become a desolate

Breathe into me your breath
of eternal life that I may
live many more days…

To Share with others the grace
found in your love before I enter
Your heavenly kingdom.


Photo Image by Wendell A. Brown

Speak LIFE!

Wendell A. Brown:

Here is an amazing message from my sister ‘Secret Angel.’ God bless!

Originally posted on The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel:

This is for the many who still feel that verbal and emotional abuse are not damaging. All abuses start with verbal and emotional abuses that breaks down the victims of abuse to accept more and more abuse… then getting trapped in the cycle of abuse. We have to stop damaging our children and others by the negative words that are spoken. Speak life!!!

Verbal and emotional abuse…
is destructive to many hearts…
with abusive words and acts…
that continually tear us apart.
But too many don’t realize…
because of no physical signs…
for these abuses are unseen…
with hidden wounds left behind.

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The Realization Of A Dream


Whom shall I love
when all my dreams,
and all of my thoughts,
are so alive…

Dancing with each image
of bliss, dressed in a
vision of your likeness

While my heart yearns
for endless moments
hoping you will soon
come near…I faint
from mental exhaustion

My educated mind suddenly
becomes uneducated and
hopelessly falls into a
hypnotic state…flavored
with a sweet natural high

I realize I will never know
what to do anymore, if the
vision within my mind of
loving you will not soon
come true..

So I am left praying that
the dreams which embrace
my world endless nights
will birth a realization
of a genuine blending of
our hearts loves.

(April 1977)

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Wendell A. Brown

I Shall Wait On You


As my day slowly comes to an end
When it seems my strength is gone
As the hours seem to pass by slowly
When all I try just seems so wrong

Within my heart I seek inspiring words
A psalm that will lift my spirit high
For so often when I feel this tired
Even on my bed I have no desire to lie

I reach within my soul for divine energy
I seek with my inner voice to deeply pray
Finding I have such a great need of You
For Your soothing spirit to come my way

And as I pray silently and so sweetly
While I also gently embrace Your name
I find I shall always wait on You Lord
Knowing my happiness I will again regain

For You are the great power which saves me
The blessed assurance my heart only knows
And happily Lord I will always wait on You
Because with all my heart I love You so.

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Wendell A. Brown

A Treasure

A treasure is found in the sunrise
When my eyes open each day to you
For the fiery sun in all its brilliance
Shall always be my golden jewel

Its beauty shall remind me always
Of how rich I am in you Sweet Lord
When your love is such a part of me
That each passing day I need you more

Even though many among us claim to know you
I feel deeply no one knows better than me
What you daily bring to each of our lives
With Your amazing grace, love, and integrity

Even the times when flesh seeks to deny You
My spirit and soul will always be yours
And they shall always possess deep within
The sweet treasure which you laid in store

Until that glorious day in life does finally come
When spirit and flesh separate and the battle is won.

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