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Whenever you are not with me
My heart quickly turns within
To the image my heart will see
Whose daily love helps me begin

Nothing could ever separate us
Or keep my heart from loving you
And as long as I am breathing
To you Lord I will remain so true

My heart will sing its praises
Making moments to be treasures
I will cause them to last longer
Praying each will be alive forever

And I will never be lonely long
Without Your love here beside me
For I will give life to my dreams
As your tender touch keeps me free.

Wendell Arnold Brown
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Singing Sweet Praises


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Lord my mind tunes itself within
To the song you alone will bring
For the softness of its melody
Brings my spirit each day to sing

For I was swept away this morning
By the beauty found in your words
Their power moved me emotionally
For greater words were never heard

I found in the bliss of this moment
I must kneel down my Lord and pray
Thanking you for a constant blessing
As I see the sun rise on another day

Your love is a treasure to my life
With the joy it brings to my heart
Inspiring me to praise you always
With words of love as they now start.

Wendell Arnold Brown,
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For You Are Our God


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Is not Your name
greatly praised
among the many nations
of the world?

Many believe in You,
and in their hearts
is it not you they
daily trust?

Your laws are written
upon the doors
of their hearts

And their eyes look
toward You so that
You will guide them in
Your ways

They seek instruction
daily, and from Your
word they will not
separate their spirits

For You are the choice
food which others do not
know about except those
who are Yours

They praise You Lord,
for they love You,
and in Your strength
your power, and grace
they trust…

For You are our God.

Wendell Arnold Brown,
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I think of you throughout the day
While searching for words to say
I feel the pain you are going through
Within my heart in so many ways

My heart cries out deep within me
To my God who loves us so
And never will I ever doubt my son
That he will ever let you go

The process which you are going through
Would destroy a much lesser man
But your spirit and belief in Jesus Christ
Will enable you once again to stand

Your faith and attitude never changes
While you push to overcome much each day
Know your effort will not go unnoticed
As His Spirit will strengthen you always

I believe God will bring about your healing
Making you an example for others to believe
If they might have the faith like you have
There is no limit to what they can achieve

You have come face to face with such adversity
Yet with each new day your heart remains strong
For your determination won’t let you be defeated
As with each breath in your lungs you’ll push on

There will soon come a time in the near future
When one day you’ll remember these times and say
How glad you are to have believed in His promise
As faith in Him provided a healing which stayed.

Love, Dad

Written for my son Ju-Juan, who suffered injuries after being shot three times which has left him paralyzed fighting to regain the ability to use his body below his chest. His determination and faith Has helped him to be able to navigate in a wheelchair, which I think is only the beginning to walking again, and regaining full use of his body. He has a selfless heart and is quickly loved by all whom he meets. I believe that the power of God’s love overcomes all things and it will empower his healing. Please…keep him in your prayers each day, for the prayers of the righteous will be heard by the Lord and will be rewarded. God bless you all and thank you always my sisters and brothers!

Wendell A. Brown,



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I am blessed each day when I meet
The sunshine’s glow within my life
The call of the sparrow at daybreak
As the darkness gives way to light

I am truly blessed inside my heart
That His spirit sits upon its throne
For He is my only Lord and Savior
And I am glad He calls it his own

I am thankful He allows me each day
To bring from my heart a daily psalm
He loves how the words come together
Knowing their rhythm is never wrong

For He alone is worthy of the praise
Along with the love I have to give
And I know I am truly blessed each day
Knowing in my life I am one of His.

Wendell Arnold Brown,
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Trust The Lord


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Lean not into your
Own understanding,
For Jesus will find
A way

Lean not to the world
For the world is Satan’s
And is promised a very
Hellish day

Trust in the Lord Jesus
The Son of God, and
Let His Holy Spirit enter
Into your heart

And your spirit will live
Forever with Him, while
From your life He will
Never depart.

Wendell Arnold Brown,
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True Faith


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As I found myself doubting yesterday
Wondering what would become of me
You came Lord rescuing me in my crisis
For you heard my many cries and pleas…

Never have you forsaken me Lord Jesus
As my daily bread each day you would give
While teaching me silently to wait on you
In faith you were showing me how to live…

Our lives are nothing without your love
Since they truly belong to only you
So we should fully trust never wavering
Having genuine faith in all you will do

And though sometimes I find myself so weak
Forgetting sometimes where my faith dwells
I will stand firm on the promise in your word
That having Faith in you I will never fail.

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the world finding we cannot overcome the problems we come face to face with alone. But Jesus said ‘Do not worry,’ know that God will see you through those times, if you but wait quietly in prayer for his answer, knowing “It Shall Be Done.” This poem was written because of some the hardships our brothers and sisters endure. Realize though we may have no control over the situation, Take Jesus at His Word and wait silently in prayer, and He will rescue you. This poem was written years ago, but it still inspires me.

Wendell Arnold Brown,
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He Always Gives His All


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The embrace of my love
is warm and gentle

The lips of my love
are like warm honey
so sweet to taste

There is nothing
I would not do
to please my love

For my love holds back
nothing from me

He will always give
his all.

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,


Wanting Your Love To Stay


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So many beautiful words were gently spoken
Even though to many none was really heard
For they spoke to me from your eyes radiance
As deep within my heart embraced every word

I recall the song which begin to play within
Yes, in the deepest parts of my lonely soul
I realized I would have been so very lost
If of your love I would have ever let go

A promise was given sweet breath that night
As the moon and stars shone brightly above
We were lost and found in a beautiful moment
Of perfect joy because of each others love

The magic found alive in that beginning moment
Would soon in our lives simply never go away
For the first time we held hands and kissed
I knew instantly with each other we would stay

I still find as each new day comes to life
The lovely radiance in your eyes still stays
While the assurance always found in your love
Will be a priceless treasure which never fades.

Wendell Arnold Brown,
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When You Spoke The Words


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Your living words are life to me
They provide the air I daily breathe
They are the bliss which fills my heart
The eternal love of which I dream

Oh Lord, you are my truest treasure
The song my heart daily seeks to sing
My love exists to praise you only
For the happiness your spirit brings

I shall never look away from you
Nor your love will I ever forsake
In your shadow I will gladly walk
With every step in life i daily take

The whole of me will humbly serve you
Each day my soul is allowed to live
And I will never forget your blessing
When you spoke the words…I forgive.

‘Thy word I have laid up in my heart, That I might not sin against thee.’
Psalm 119: verse 11.

Wendell Arnold Brown,
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