You Are Near

You love me and you
show me the height
and depth of your
endless love daily

Last night in the
depths of anguish
and the searing agony
which I felt, I
looked to heaven
and prayed…

While being torn apart
by the endless pain
which harassed me
from the top of my head
to my feet

I still hung on to your
promise, that we can
overcome all things if
we will only believe

I cried to you from my
soul, with my cries
echoing in the darkness

I remembered your words
as you slept on the boat
on the sea of Galilee,
‘Peace Be Still’

The pain subsided, slipping
far away from me as the
healing touch of your words
caressed my bones

I no longer suffered, because
you Lord were near and my heart
wept tears of happiness and joy,
as I fell asleep in your embracing
arms feeling the sweet healing
kiss of your Spirit.

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arrested by grace

What Is Written

What is written
deep within my
heart shall never
be displaced…

Not a single second,
minute, or hour will
escape this amazing
love experience

Know my heart belongs
to only You Lord as
also my love which
lives continuously
as I freely give it
to you…

For what is written
so deep within, that
which abounds there
along with the strength
of your pure love…

Will forever be my testimony
to all who chance to read
my words, that I shall never
stop loving you, Lord Jesus.

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The One Real Reason Why

Your kiss sets my heart
On fire, while quickly
Setting my soul a blazed

It made my emotions rise
Higher with feelings, that
will not easily fade

I have become like a piece
of paper on a windy day,
Sprouting invisible wings

While rising into the sky
above, I feel my spirit as
it joyfully sings

Finding my heart is embraced
By your adoring love, while I
will never have to second guess

The true reason I will need
your spiritual kiss Lord, to keep
my life so wholesomely blessed.

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As The Sun Sets

When I thought of
you as the sun set
this evening

I could only think
how lonely the sky
must be…

For the brightness
of the sun embraces
it daily with its

Then the sun gives
way to the dark night
who takes his embrace

For the embrace of one
who loves you will
always brighten one’s day

It will fill your life with
untold pleasures, that only
a heart in love treasures
and understands

And I think about your
love, how it embraces
my heart, in so many
beautiful ways

Knowing that my life
will always have a great
need of your loves tender
embrace to fill my world
each day.

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The Thought Of You

I started my morning with
a thought of you, and its
amazing beauty stayed
with me through the day

I started my day with
a love born for you and
from my heart it would
never stray

My life beamed with a
soft-spoken joy, from the
spiritual touch which your
grace brought my way

And as the thought of your
love embraced my heart, it
birthed an inspiring smile
on my face which stays.

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I am truly blessed each day I meet
The sunshine’s glow within my life
The call of the sparrow as day breaks
When the darkness gives way to light

I am truly blessed within my heart
That He daily sits upon its throne
For He is my sweet Lord and Savior
And deep inside He calls it home

I am thankful He allows me each day
To bring from my spirit a daily psalm
He loves how the words blend together
Knowing their rhythms are never wrong

For He alone is worthy of all praise
Along with the genuine love I give
I know I am truly blessed each day
As I awaken each morning one of His.

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My Only Salvation

You are my only path to salvation
With you alone true life begins
Inside your grace is daily produced
A heavenly hymn to live within…

I will drink the water from Your well
Which will  make my life complete
So of another I will never have a need
For in you alone my heart believes

By your hand you created my beginnings
All I have in my spirit comes from You
I find if I attempt to  do things alone
To no avail they will never come true

With joy in my heart I reach out to You
Praying to be touched by Your embrace
I am thirsty for Your water alone my Lord
To fill my body with Your healing grace.

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