Lasting Treasure

The pure life in all your creations
Will each day bring a smile to stay
As The feelings which come alive
Seek heartily to never slip away

They massage the thoughts within us
Making sweet happiness to bloom inside
As one embraces the life You are sharing
Feeling the blessing of your love arise

The beauty we sense living deep within you
Becomes the exquisite gift we long to keep
We relish every moment we spend with you
Cradling each as the special gems we need

The value of your love is more priceless
Than any hand crafted human masterpiece
For without your spirit alive within it
Never will it become amazingly complete.

II Corinthians, 3:18

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding
as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are
being transformed into the same image from
glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of

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A Never Fading Kiss


And when she falls asleep
It is never in entirety,
For her sleep is touched
By a breath that finds a
Home on her lips setting
To flame an intense fire within
While massaging the deep desire
Which makes a home within
Her pure heart, awakening her
Passion and the glow in her eyes

Because within the kiss
Is a melodic love song
Whose embracing rhythms
Cannot be held back
For they are always driven
By the deep yearning which her
Heart has now claimed
Ownership of, filling always
The longing which she will
Never let depart from her life.

And the blessing of love is
Shared always with the coming
Of each new day, for we know how
It will begin and the place where
It will always rest, hidden deep
Within our hearts where our love
Will never die, and where the kiss
Has its treasured place for so
Many infinite timeless moments
Always providing a sweet blessing
Of love.

My wife has been a little ill
lately so I wanted to make her
smile, and thank her for the
never-fading kiss which always
stays with me each day!


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Bring Me Your Peace

Let me not judge another of Your servants
So I will not feel the wrath of your anger
Teach me Lord to keep still my tongue
So I might not speak rashly becoming a fool

Let me learn Your way of life steadfastly
Emulating all of Your truly great qualities
Help me to forgive all each day as you do
Let your humbleness stay each day with me

Let me mimic Lord your perfect humbleness
So all who see me may know whom I believe
Let me seek to serve others very ardently
Not seeking myself to be served in any way

Let me not judge anyone with my mind and heart
And when another causes me in anger to burn
Instill in my heart Your peace and tranquility
That I may share the blessing from you I learned

Bless me Lord that through my daily actions
You will be lifted and glorified in every way
So that when many see me they will soon hunger
For the majesty and grace of the One who saves.

Psalm 119, Verses 11 – 16.

Your words I have hidden in my heart, that I might not
sin against You. Blessed are You, O Lord! Teach me
your statutes. With my lips I have declared all the
judgments of your mouth. I have rejoiced in the way
of your testimonies, As much as in all riches. I will
meditate on your precepts, and contemplate your ways.
I will delight myself in your statutes; I will not
forget Your word.

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By Your Loveliness

A red rose is only
a mirror of your
beauty which
unmistakably shows
its face

And fills the world
around me
with such majesty
and grace

For what is rare in
fashion only you
my love do possess

And it is mirrored
by no other for
none can compare to
your loveliness.

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Praising Gods Grace

Thank you for Your living words power
I am overjoyed by it’s sweet embrace
Nothing is as fulfilling as Your love
As tantalizing as your blessed grace

I am moved deeply in my soul to tears
My happiness from within comes alive
Making my joy inside very inexpressible
As the wealth I have I cannot describe

In this world I was but a lonely beggar
One who needs not be noticed its true
A vagabond Lord, of such low esteem
Who became graciously loved by You

My body was broken by the power of sin
Being tormented each day by the enemy
I prayed for them to be taken away and
By the power of your grace I was set free

Healing power lives inside Your words
Spoken by you my bones were healed
“My grace is sufficient for you always, as my
Power in weakness is made perfect still.

And I will daily lift up Your precious name
So all who see me will surely come to know
That I was healed of my many infirmities by
The One true living God who loves me so

For salvation is alive and still prospering
When beside my God I choose to walk along
Boasting daily of His many blessings received
For when I was weak my lord made me strong.

I was set free by the Fathers sweet answer
By his amazing grace which is alive in me
And each morning when my eyes awakened
I’ll pen a joyful psalm for Him to read.

November 1976

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His Eternal Love

The soft tones of the
whisper awakened his
soul, unlocking the
seal of an inner tomb

It’s vibrations found
an inner pond of placid
emotions laying dormant
causing them to rise and

Their life’s dance began
as emotions leaped high
searching for the gentle
soft tones beginnings

Rising upward upon that
glorious path which leads
to the tender bliss tasting
of God’s sweet heaven

And they found a young
heart as it began beating
anew, for through clear
eyes were revealed a truth

As they all beheld what
caused The feelings of
love to rise, For they
realized he opened his
eyes to You.

November 1976

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The Answer

You became the light
Within my heart, the
Soft fire that dwells

You became the dream
Now a part of my sleep
As new feelings each
Night would begin

You caused my mind to
Spend time thinking about
Emotions which I have
Become akin

Causing me to sit alone
Pondering the feelings I
Have, as it seems your
Love I would never win

The dream inside my heart
Was to love you, sharing
With you the deepest and
Best parts of my love

Yet at first it seemed a
Hopeless cause leaving me
Thinking who your heart
Each day thought of

When the moment finally
came alive as you spoke
To me the words my ears
Longed to hear

The reality of your love
Embraced my heart with joy
As you spoke the words…
“I Love You Dear.”

April 28, 1977

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