I thought of You this morning
And I could not dry my eyes
I didn’t have enough tissue
To wipe the tears that I did cry

The thought which I was thinking
Quickly took my heart by surprise
As I dug deeper within the thought
My body became so electrified

For I was lifted up this morning
By a single spoken living word
Which many times I heard before
But just as many I did ignore

Yet this morning as I embraced it
Very deep within my yearning heart
I was truly thankful just to be able
For this sweet prayer of love to start.

You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You, because
he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3 NJKV

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Lost to my eyes is the morning sun
When to this day I now arise
Dark clouds hovered high above
As rain showers shared my skies

My world was so sad and lonely
With my heart much like this day
For you were far away from me
Yes so far from where I now lay

It is really hard for me to begin
Facing the sadness of this new day
When usually It starts with a smile
The one which takes my breath away

And I find its so very hard to do
Getting myself ready to go to work
For I am always greeted by your smile
But loneliness close to me now lurks

Its tentacles quietly try to entrap me
Placing its many wares into my mind
Though I try to overcome sad thoughts
I find myself overwhelmed over time

Lost to my eyes is your priceless smile
This cold day when from our bed I arose
That even Shakespeare could never capture
My mood in sweet succulent lines of prose.


There were times where our jobs would keep us
apart for short times…when two are close,
that could bring alive many sad lonely moments.
But that always made the returning embrace more

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You are the God of compassion
You are the God of comfort
You have brought peace to us
Through Your Son the Lord Christ

It is you who receives our praises
You are the Father of all living things
You God provided our true beginnings
It is you who has given us choices

Your love is great as it is written
“let us make man in our image”.
You are the only God that exists
Out of your love we were created

You have given us the Gift of your Spirit
To guide us from darkness into Your light
He alone provides us true understanding
To embrace the wisdom of your living Word

Who cannot praise you Father, and who
Cannot praise your Son, for is not the
Son one with the Father and your Holy
Spirit one with both?

In You there is perfect harmony
With perfect peace, and no disorder
The salvation You bring to our lives
Will be long-lasting in our spirits

May all bow down before you, Lord
In humble and contrite reverence,
May all beg for even the crumbs of
Love from your table, that our hearts
And spirits will always be full.


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Why is it each time I see you
I fall in love all over again
Why is it when I embrace you
Loves fires will begin again

Why is it each time I kiss you
I want to hold you much more
Why is it when I’m near to you
Of one thought I am quite sure

I need you like the grass the rain
Or the sky above the soft clouds
For without your love in my life
I would not know what loves about

I only know each moment I see you
I will fall in love all over again
And when I reach out to touch you
The flames of love will still begin.

May 1977

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A song is sung from deep
In my heart where Your
Love each day does lie

Its melodies are so very
Pleasing to me as they
Bring my eyes to softly

For the song even though
It is joyful, is sung daily
With many emotional tears

Because of the bliss found
In the gift brought alive by
He who chased away my fears.

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You came into my
World with your
Brightness, and with
The thought that
You would stay

You came into my
World with all
Confidence, that
Your love would not
Go away

You found a warm
Cozy special place
To park your love
Deep Within

As you sought to
Win the battle of
Hearts, which your
Love this day did

April 1977

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Secured By Your Love

I thank you Lord for this wonderful day
Where your word came and rescued me
When my mind and thoughts began to wander
You cause all the wrong actions to cease

I find in my life each day there is truly
A constant need for your word to daily stay
For its strength and power is always enough
To keep me Lord, alive and well in the way

Most times I often try to live my life
Likened to the way that you lived yours
Yet dark powers amass like a storm daily
Waiting to pounce on me as I leave my door

And your word has become my true amour
That no worldly weapon made can ever endure
While faith in You has become the shield
That each new day will keep my life secure.

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