As the sun goes down I anticipate
That special hour, that special time
When I will see your smiling face
As it arrives home close to mine

It will only be your sweet smile
Allowing me to share its joy too
With a radiant glow which begins
In my heart only because of you

The moments of my day seem lonely
When your lovely face I cannot see
Longing to hear your hearts laughter
As the times when you are near to me

And a lovely time brings its reality
Filling my heart with an amazing joy
As you return kissing me with your smile
The most beautiful gift my life enjoys.


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Wendell A. Brown

Praise Him

Sing praises to His name
For He alone is worthy
Of our true and genuine

Let the songs of happiness
Which spill forth from our
Mouths have their beginnings
Deep in our heart’s well
Where His love lives

Trust in His love and He
Will never fail you or
Leave you to suffer, for
Great is His amazing love
And much greater is His

Sing to the Lord with all the
Gladness found alive within
Your heart while coming before
Him in daily thanksgiving and

He will do all that you ask,
For God is a loving God daily
Ministering to the spiritual
And material needs of His love

Sing praises to the Lord our
God, for He alone is worthy of
Praise from our lips…forever.

Proverbs 15:29
The LORD is far from the wicked,
But He hears the prayer of the

Psalms 119:16

I will delight myself in Your
statutes; I will not forget Your

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Brings Me Home To You

A lifeless object I become
At this moment as you are
Nowhere near…

To those close-by who know me
They feel my happiness begin
To disappear

My inner sadness grips each
Passerby as they sense there’s
Nothing they can do

They realize no one at days
End can bring, a smile alive
Like only you can do.

When two become one you miss them
When not together. bringing one to
Write poems during breaks at work
One of many written before I became


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I never thought nothing could move me
Yet your smile inspires me each day
It touches my heart completely inside
Easily sweeping every thought away

It leaves me like a puppy in the window
Just like the one waiting to be claimed
Or like someone who desires a true love
Who will bring to their life sweet change

The many feelings which came over me
Formed such a beautiful natural high
Bringing new thoughts of joy to shine
Within my heart as smiles came alive

For its been that way since I saw you
When those new emotions came over me
The time we began to share our thoughts
And a selfless bond of love came to be

I found I needed to feel the happiness
That comes alive daily when you are near
Like when we hold hands while walking
And within I can’t stop the flow of tears

Yes I thought nothing could move me
Yet your smile embraces me each day
Always inspiring my heart completely
As my thoughts it gently sweeps away.


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you are my everything

Even though during the
Work day I am far from
You in my mind I still
Hold you so close…

Because your love is
The only one my heart
really needs, the one
who makes me smile the

Even though I cannot
Kiss your lips because
During the day you are
Far from my side…

In my daydreams I still
Kiss your lips many times
As each new daydream
brings them alive

For I think of you
So many lonely times
During my day as I
Really need you so

To help me make it
Until days end, when
The moment comes when
I’ll not let you go.


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I find in you what in Heaven one finds
That with every rich moment grows
A seasons quantity of paradise found
Where loves honor I will uphold

For I see in you free as cross winds
Filled vessels of love from your heart
Begging for a chance to begin this day
Longing for a real chance to start

In living these time these joyous hours
Where rare pleasantry we do employ
I sit and watch the caring of a flower
Whom each day brings alive a sweet joy

For I have found in you a heavenly bliss
One whose endearing love will always grow
For I find my love for you to be in fact
An immortal to deaths eternal cold.

April 1977

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You blossom before my eyes as a flower
As you dance your dance of love in the wind
You bring happiness to each and every hour
As together this day in love we now begin

You touch my soul like the sun a flower
You touch my heart as the rain the grass
Your selfless love I find to be a treasure
Which for eternal times I want to last

I want to learn to love you completely
Cherishing you always in my heart and mind
I want to hold you close in all of my dreams
From this moment even to the end of time

The blossoming beauty of your smile touches me
Embracing me with its radiance deep within
And I feel the precious happiness of heaven
As one together in love each day we now begin.

May 1977

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