This morning as you awaken
opening your eyes to his
sweet joy, let your heart sing
a new song while praising His
great love which you seek to
to employ

Reach out to those you meet
allowing each a chance to
know the perfect love who
has promised never to let us go

Let the spiritual radiance
alive in your smile speak
with many unspoken words,
bringing to life the
lasting beauty of GODS love
alive in spiritual rhythms
which are heard

Be not ashamed to tell someone
about the greatness of His Love
as they ask who it is you speak
of tell His story of forgiving

With all that happens in this
world many need a quiet place
they can go to rest, from the
worlds pain and sorrow in a
sure embrace that will erase
all of their distress

“Happy Thanksgiving to all”
I am in Galveston Texas until
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With your love behind me
I know that there is a way
To make it in this cruel world
With the passing of each day

I know Lord if you guide me
There will never be a way
Where evil daily overcomes me
While with me Your spirit stays

I know when I become tempted
When in my heart unbelief begins
I know I will have the power
Over these foes to daily win

For with Your love behind me
I know the much better way
To make in this world Lord
With the passing of each day.

Psalm 119:63
I am a companion of all who
fear You, and those who keep
your precepts.

Psalm 9:1
Your word I have hidden in my
heart, that I might not sin
against You.

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Your Invisible Kisses

I find never a day does pass by
Where I do not dream of both of you
Wondering if you also think of me
As you do what angels in heaven do

You have a lasting place in my heart
My daydreams and my night-dreams too
And when your images embrace me
I remember how much I love and miss you

I wish I could hold you both again
Gazing lovingly into your smiles
For my heart I find misses you dearly
As I still long for you all the while

And yet when these times seem lonely
I find myself blessed by your kisses
Remembering when I felt both of them
The gifts I find my heart now misses

And I will be together with you
Each passing day of this my life
As I receive your invisible kisses
I will know everything is alright…

knowing you are daily enjoying His love.

‘To my sons, Ian and Madison’

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A Continuing Love

A flower blossoms in
your shadow, every
moment you pass by

And the morning sun
becomes jealous of
the radiance gifted
to your eyes

The wind becomes envious
because there is never a
way he can cool the day

The way the sweet aroma
of your love soothes me
so easily when you come
my way

I am always lost in
your beauty which each
morning I am blessed
to see

Especially when I find
myself gazing into
your eyes whose loving
embrace never lets me be

Each moment with you
becomes more precious
when my heart cannot
escape your meaningful

And I am lifted by my
hearts flaming desire,
for you are the only one
it will ever think of

And the moments when
I am not with you this
daydream will surely
always begin

As my heart belongs to
you since that moment
when my heart your love
did win.

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A soul is not meant to live alone
A heart is not meant to be lonely
A dream sometimes has a message
With a hope to believe in love only

I could have never really imagined
Just what happened to me today
I was shaken deep within my spirit
By a sweet joy who now wants to stay

I never wanted to belong to another
In a relationship for a lasting time
But reality awakened me from a dream
As the chance came to make you mine

And though there was some hesitation
A fear of accepting what my eyes see
I was lost and found in a single moment
When your smile would not let me be

My greatest fear was to be captured
With my heart falling behind in tow
But I realized once I embraced you
From my life I could never let you go.

(April 1977)

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What happens when spiritual love finds life
Within ones heart in a genuine lasting way
Causing a beautiful treasure to blossom
One which easily takes inner breath away

What happens when living words embrace
Refreshing a heart while it deeply instills
The blessing of a treasures sweet reality
Whose spiritual touch will always be real

What happens when moments are shared
Where a single word causes a spirit to pray
While leaving such a spiritual loveliness
In one’s heart that always wants to stay

What happens when happiness sprouts wings
Making a living soul to feel new and alive
When others come in contact with the smile
In their hearts they begins to wonder why

For the spiritual love which exists within
Causes a beautiful blossoming to occur
Especially when love is wonderfully pure
That daily none will find it easy to ignore

…the spiritual love of Christ!

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Many beautiful words were gently spoken
Even though to many none could be heard
They spoke to me from your eyes radiance
As deep within my heart embraced each word

I recall the song which begin to play within
Yes, in the deepest parts of my lonely soul
Realizing that day I would become so lost
If of your love I would have to ever let go

A promise was given sweet breath that night
As the moon and stars shone brightly above
We were lost and found in a beautiful moment
Of perfect joy as we embraced  each others love

The magic found in that beginning blending
Would soon in our lives never go away
For the first time we held hands and kissed
I knew instantly together in life we would stay

Finding when each  morning comes to life
That  lovely radiance in your eyes will  stay
As the sweet  assurance  found in your love
Becomes a priceless gift which never fades.

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