His Never Ending Love

My mind is full of sweet
Tender thoughts which
Add a certain brightness
To my day…

Filling my mind full of
Your heavenly love,
Which deep in my heart
Will always stay.

My heart rests assured
After accepting Your
Promise, your spirit will
Never surely leave…

Because Your love is
The fire burning deep
Within, reminding me
Daily of the love I need.

For I rest in the peaceful
Serenity of your grace as
Your alluring love fills
My soul each day…

And my life is made
Much better as I taste
It’s pure fullness, in such
A very wholesome way.

Wendell Arnold Brown
Google Image Credit

Forever Blessed

I will never be able to
To count the many times
I fell much deeper in
Love with you

My heart could never
Remember all the times
Breath was lost because
You smile the way you do

My eyes will never forget
The many times they cried,
When in a single day your
Smile they could not see

And my heart will never
Lose count of the many
Times, from loneliness
You set it free.

My mind will never stop
Remembering how often you
Fill my heart with your
loves radiant light

And my heart will never
Forget how very blessed
It became once your love
Entered into my life.

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image credit.

The Promise

In the midst of all my daily sufferings
To His most holy vine I will surely cling
For I have placed all of my hope and faith
In the true promises of my Lord and King

Even though pain is so much a part of me
As the shining sun is also a part of my day
I will still rise up glorifying my God above
With sweet new succulent psalms of praise

My hope and faith have been greatly increased
And from His living word I will not stray
While each day I will strive to lift Him high
Knowing He will lovingly receive my praise

I will taste of heavens joys each morning
Embracing the peace and grace His love brings
And my voice will never cease to praise him
With the many joyful words from my heart I sing.

Wendell Arnold Brown
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I Will Praise You (Devotion)

I praise You as I rise
in the morning while
it is yet dark…

And in the darkness I
praise You as I ask for
Your life light to enlighten

I call out aloud for Your
wisdom and understanding
as I eat of Your living word.

I ask for You to always
stand by me as Your love
always has so I would
never be alone

I cried out in the mornings
beginning for You to heal my
soul and spirit, asking for
shelter dear Lord, from the
the evil of this world.

I ask for You to always be
my shield, to protect me
from the arrows which the
enemy fires at me each day

And I see You Lord, in the
morning as the sun smiles
chasing away the remaining
remnants of the darkness
which sought to embrace me

And within its beauty I find
my spirit being lifted by its
radiant rays empowering me to
happily praise Your name

For all things are possible
when we trust in You believing
the promises which forever
live in Your eternal word

And I find such an amazing
treasure within them which
brings a lasting inner peace
filling my heart and soul
with Your heavenly blessings.

Wendell Arnold Brown,
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This Beautiful Love Of Mine

Each day when I find my eyes to awaken
I feel my heart as it begins to shine
Knowing in these moments I am made happy
By this sweet beautiful love of mine

I rise each day with a song in my heart
And so sweet are the many notes I sing
For my vocal tones are made so melodic
By the love rhapsody which she brings to me

And each day seems a perfect holiday
Even much more than that very complete
For she makes my world a beautiful place
In the morning as our eyes gently meet

For each day as I find my eyes to awaken
How happy her radiant smile makes me to be
For she’s given me a true piece of heaven
In the beautiful love she daily gives to me.

Wendell Arnold Brown,
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Can one reach out to touch and capture,
the soft brightness of starry nights?
Can anyone capture the heavenly smile,
which the moon shares with our eyesight?

Can anyone embrace the new life essence,
born within the early morning risen sun?
Can anyone come between two young loves,
who each day now live and breathe as one?

Can anyone make a star fall from the sky,
or sprout wings like a bird and fly?
Can anyone receive one’s gift of affection,
And if in love with them question why?

For when two become one jointly in God,
their lives become perfectly intertwined.
And like two golden ropes sewn together,
by a Holy love they are forever combined.

Wendell Arnold Brown
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All The Years Of Your Life

Find a love this day and love her
All the years of this your life
Cherish her young beautiful smile
Which like a star lights the night

Care for all the things she loves
Love all which are her hearts needs
Knowing there will never come a time
When without her love you’ll ever be

Take the time to learn her personality
For its worth more than its weight in gold
Value her special soothing touch of warmth
And you will never want to let her love go

Love this precious treasured gift of yours
Whose golden smile fills your heart with light
Cherish and love her young priceless heart
Which shall be a lasting blessing in your life.

Wendell Arnold Brown,
Google Image Credit,